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Continuous glucose monitor (CGM) applicator designed to place device in a new and more secure way.


A chronic condition that affects how
your body turns food into energy. With diabetes,
your body has high levels of blood glucose.

Current Product Issues

Applicator is designed for use on stomach (with two hands). 70% of users place it on their arm.

36 applicators have to be discarded a year. Users feel guilty about the waste.

Sensors fall off sometimes, especially if the user excercises (movement and sweat).

Lines of Non-extension

Lines on the body, which do not stretch or wrinkle due to movement. These are based on research done by MIT and Arthur S. Iberall.

These lines could be used for the application of a CGM device, which requires an adhesive patch to stick to the skin for 10 days. Since the skin line does not stretch, it would allow the patch to stay on more comfortably and longer

Selected Lines for application of CGM

Form Design to Encourage Diagonal Placement


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