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Subtle Urban Riding Gear

What Gear Are City Riders Wearing?

Scooter, moped and moto riders are foregoing gear for short city rides. Gear is simply too much of a hassle.

Why Don't They Wear Body Gear?

Dressing Time

Average time to gear up and down is 10 min.


Body gear is bulky and reduces mobility.


Oftentimes no place to store, so users have to incorporate into outfit.

Most Common Accident

35% of crashes happen at intersections in cities. 

Lowside crash impacts the upper extremities: shoulder and elbow.

Body Mapping


Areas on the body that hit the ground


The body cools down faster 


What is visible to other riders/drivers

Ideation: Protection


Daily User Journey

The reason most users don't wear gear is because it is not sufficiently suited for daily use. It is not stylish or comfortable enough.

Style Ideation

Final Prototype Process 

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