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A smart blender designed for newly independent individuals living in small spaces.

User Group

Those who are newly independent move into smaller spaces for the first few years. They often have roommates and live a hectic lifestyle. This means their living quarters can get quite cramped and loud

Newly independent young adults living in small spaces

Key Issues

Noisy Appliances

Cramped Countertop

Measuring the right amount of ingredients

tria cover_edited_edited.jpg


My sketches focused on a blender that would save space and reduce noise in the kitchen. The idea came for a triangular profile to reduce surface area, but keep the corners that work well for air cavitation (blend the food well).

Handle Testing

Since the handle is omitted to save space, the new holding method had to be tested. The indents provide an area for the fingers to easily grip, and the models tested the size of the jar and the indents.

Magnetic Coupling

Coupling requires no physical connection between the motor and the blades. This is an easier way to attach the jar to the base, as well as a quieter way for the blender to function. 

A Quieter Blender

Tria has a brushless motor, as well as magnetic coupling. This reduces friction during blending, making the appliance function more quietly. 

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